Things to do in Sisters, OR

Nestled in the mountains, Sisters, Oregon has plenty of attractions for nature lovers to enjoy. From great food to the great outdoors, tourists find themselves in awe of the Three Sisters region.
While staying at one of our cottages, you'll find no end of activities that will make your getaway an absolute delight. We've listed some things to do in Sisters, OR below to help you better plan your perfect vacation.

List of Attractions

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Our guests’ adventurous spirits drive them to Sisters. We are close to some of the greatest hikes in all of Oregon, and possibly the nation. Oregon’s perfect weather and Sister’s centralized location make for the perfect hiking experience, where any path you choose will show you something astoundingly cool and it’s very convenient to reach them.

Horseback Riding

Riding horses is one of the best activities in Sisters, Oregon. With the endless trails, the stables sprinkled throughout the fields, and the welcoming nature to people who ride, there isn’t a place any better to go for a ride.

Hood Avenue Art Gallery

Sisters, Oregon has it's own art gallery that showcases creations from professional artists from across Central Oregon. Whether it's through wood, metal, ceramic, or paint, Hood Avenue Art Gallery is proud to help keep the fine arts alive in the region.
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