Horseback Riding in Oregon

Riding horses is one of the best activities in Sisters, Oregon. With the endless trails, the stables sprinkled throughout the fields, and the welcoming nature to people who ride, there isn't a place any better to go for a ride. It's not uncommon to see modern-day cowboys trotting down Main Street by horse.

For rookie riders, how do you even begin to plan a horseback riding experience? How should you prepare? Who do you contact? We'll answer all of your questions here.

Horse Ranches

Sisters and Bend, Oregon, are a hub for horse ranches. Pull up Google Maps, and you'll likely find dozens of equestrian establishments just begging to be explored. But which ones are must-dos on your vacation to Central Oregon? We'll take you through them all!

Emerald Ranch

Address: 68020 Cloverdale Road, Sisters
Phone: 541-504-1284

What sets it apart?
This ranch is an affordable place to rent some horses and go for a relaxing ride through the desert. It's close to some of the best trails in the west, so keep your eye out for it!

Lazy Z Ranch

Address: 68540 US-20, Sisters, OR
Phone: 541-588-5299

What sets it apart?
This is a great option for people who want to ride their horse on their own path!

Lazy Z Ranch doesn't take you on a trail, but they do offer horse stalls so you're animal friend has a place to stay. You don't have to worry about feeding them, washing them, or anything. It's a hotel for horses!

Paradise Ranch

Address: 20090 Marsh Rd, Bend
Phone: 541-788-8365
Cost: Call the ranch for more information.

What sets it apart?
Paradise Ranch has a huge group of horses—even one that is over 30 years old!

This ranch is incredibly affordable, so if you're looking for horsey fun on a budget, Paradise should be your first look!

Long Hollow Ranch

Address: 71105 Holmes Rd, SistersPhone: 541-923-1901
Cost: $125 per person (1 ½ hour - 2 hour ride)

What sets it apart?
With over 20 different horse stalls available, you can enjoy a relaxing trot through the Oregon wilds. Ride through the plains and the hills layered with rimrock. Bring your own horse, or let them saddle you up with an equestrian partner. 

How to ride a horse

For those with absolutely zero horse training, you may be a bit apprehensive to hop on an animal that easily clocks in at 500 pounds. Luckily for you, most of the horses available to ride are incredibly friendly and used to working with newbies.

The guide will give you an overview of steering basics, but the horses are great followers.

Can you bring your own horse?

It's always better to ride a horse you're familiar with! Most of these ranches will allow you to bring your own horses instead of relying on the horses that they have, you'll just have to pay for stalls and horse care.

Call any of these stables to see what they can do for you.

What to Wear Horseback Riding

Your choice of clothing can greatly impact how much you like the ride. While most of the clothing options here will seem like common sense, others may surprise you!
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Avoid heels that are higher than an inch.
  • Socks—warm ones if it's cold.
  • Comfortable, long pants
  • Avoid shorts
  • Clothes that fit normally
  • Avoid baggy clothes that can get caught in things or fall.
  • Avoid super tight clothing—horseback riding is a physical activity.
  • Jacket (if it's cold)

Hopefully, you have found this horseback riding article useful. We look forward to your luxurious stay at the Cottage Inn.
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